A. Hitler is an unconventional cinematic exploration of the enigmatic tyrant who wreaked wholesale death and destruction upon the world.
Directed by Barry J. Hershey and shot by acclaimed cinematographer Frederick Elmes, the film is a phantasmagoric journey into the dark recesses of the mind of the most infamous villain of the 20th century as portrayed by Norman Rodway in a tour de force performance.

Previously released by Lions Gate Films as The Empty Mirror, this director's cut is now being released under its original and more appropriate title of A. Hitler on the 15th anniversary of its world premiere at the Cannes International Film Festival.

Audacious, challenging, provocative, imaginative, insightful, disturbing and utterly unique, A. Hitler penetrates the myths with a fresh perspective.

To be released in 2011, the director's cut DVD, produced from a freshly remastered HD film transfer with remixed audio tracks in stereo and 5.1, is subtitled in 17 languages and includes a collection of deleted scenes and 27 of the more than 100 short films created for projection within A. Hitler.

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