Puss In Boots: Cat From Superhero Movie Shrek

Puss In Boots: Cat From Superhero Movie ShJika you are a fan film about a green creature from a strange country fairy tale "Shrek", must have been familiar with the character of Puss In Boots, a cat is adorable like a champ-style sword from the movie Zorro.

Shrek movie indeed has ended, but it still can not obstruct gait Puss In Boots on the big screen.

The end of the movie Shrek Puss in Boots made ​​to make their own films. Apparently the film is able to prove able to match the success of the Shrek movies.

In this week, which is the second week of Puss In Boots at the box office, it turns out this movie still remained in the top Box Office. Puss in Boots in this second week won $ 33 Million, to a total of $ 75.5 million.

Puss In Boots this position can not even be shifted by two newcomers films that have been predicted to prevail at the Tower Box Office Heist and A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas 3D.

Tower Heist, the latest comedy starring top Hollywood comedians such as Eddie Murphie and Ben Stiller, in the first week of its release is hany amampu collect $ 25.1 Million only.

While other winning film A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Chrismas also fared the same. The film was in the first week of its release is only able to get $ 13.1 Million only and occupies position 3.

Curious as to what cuteness Puss In Boots in the movie terabrunya? The following show the trailer ...


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